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Slug Demonstration Study

Victory Class 32 PCP's


An exercise demonstrating the variety of uses for a Victory 32 Pistol or Carbine. They are not just for blasting away.


Here I turned it down and used a specially designed hollow point Barnes 29 grain slug.

Shot the slug @ approx. 641 fps. Still a quite acceptable velocity figure. (Full power found the slug still accurate at 860 fps).


The 641 fps works out to 26.46 fpe on my wood burning shop calculator.


That drives the slug into this 3/8" plywood just flush due to expansion.


Cracking the back but not going thru the unbacked wood.


Here's the slug in a thicker 3/4" pine board. About the same penetration - this one I cut apart. The slug fully and immediately mushrooms to almost twice it's 32 caliber diameter.

Same pistol will blast thru a 2 by 4 and keep going with a simple buckshot ball. Or, it may be turned down, and such a slug will make it an excellent short range varmint pc. Anything in between is available easily. Pistol or Carbine stock makes weight and ease of carry excellent. At the power demonstrated here, I got about 24 shots on the fill.


Here's what we wanted to avoid. The 50 grain round ball at approx. 750 fpe just tears thru (that's a 2 by 4) and keeps going.

Contrast that with a 71 grain waddcutter type of slug on the right (slug is in the wood an inch below this level). You see that a tremendous amount of energy was transferred from the shock radiation cracks. The slug piled up on itself - being blunt, it didn't go all the way thru that time. However - you can see this 70+ fpe slug packs too much of a punch too. It's also rather solid - so it has more mass to ricochet or carry to distance with energy (again - not what we want in this instance).

The solution demonstrated above works well, and gives you a huge set of possibilities for the same PCP.