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Smokin' Targets

I enjoy getting targets sent along by customers enjoying their Barnes PCP's

This just came in this evening ...

That's a 100 yard group - shot just before dusk in the Netherlands today 2-03-02. Light windy conditions reported. Rifle - Barnes 45 Nitro Express shooting Barnes 215 grain Raptors. "Wuddy" at the trigger. Excellent.

Got an e-mail:

Copy ....


My scope box arrived today, thanks. The Tundra is shooting quite well, I
have been shooting 1.5" groups at 80 yards all day long. I am out of the
Raptors and thats what I've been shooting. I plan to get some range time in
this weekend and intend to shoot bishops only this session. My buddy and I
were shooting Quarters and Dimes that we set atop the target stand as a
challenge to see who could shoot better, I won with 3 quarters and 2 dimes to
his 3 quarters and no dimes. We both took a total of six shots each. Pretty
expensive targets, but it was still fun.


James promises pics soon. He's shooting the recently delivered 45 Tundra Magnum with Barnes custom "Raptor" slugs. Shooting coins @ 80 yards sounds pretty good to me! Most of us have a pocket full of "targets" at all times. Should remind us to go to the range when we get change .... (smile)


Doc Marino called me this AM, following up on this week's e-mail. Confirmation: 50 yd. Range at 1:00 pm it was.

Doc was warmed up when I got there. Had this 5 shot group on the 50 yard backer. Yeah .... there were holes behind the target (I checked).

So, I figured he was ready to test my new 32 caliber Falcons through his Prairie Classic.

I let him fire off a few while I adjusted the second stage of the "Synapse" match trigger in his Barnes Ranger FT. A sort of "House Call" I made for the Doc ...


Here's Doc's test group of Falcons

That's a 4 shot "Group" and one (between you and me) "Hideous Wild Flier!" @ 50 yards. Yes, I know, I know ..... WHAT was he thinking ....?

Nice Shooting Mike. (actually, I think he tosses one once in awhile just to keep me suckered into shooting with him ..)







I made this 5 shot group @ 50 yards with my Prairie 2 and Falcons.


Toward the end of the session - targets were all full - I used the "Hoppe's" logo as the POA for this 5 shot 50 yard group.


Well, there's a report of four different Barnes PCP rifles which were shooting this weekend. Also 3 different unique Barnes designed custom slugs. Hope you got out to enjoy shooting too.

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