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The "Snob Cup" Trip

You recall that we initiated the "Barnes Rich Snob Club" for all those silly enough to be interested in Barnes airguns when there are cheaper ones available.

We initiated the "Snob Cup" shoot for friends to gather and enjoy Barnes airguns once again at "Bob's Range" in Corbin, Kentucky.

Are you ready for a road trip? Let's go...


It was a beautiful trip. Nice to get out of the shop ... ;?)



The Fall colors were beautiful in Western Maryland ...


Saw some great stuff. Look at that rock strata ....!!

That was good for the soul ...

Once again ... Baymont Inn was good to us and provided group rates for our event. We always find the facilities to be excellent and enjoy the stay.


There were a good selection of Barnes Airguns at the event. Others were present, but went home before we thought to orchestrate this picture.

People always ask me if I'm going to be at such and such a show, etc. How can they see Barnes guns? Where will they ever be able to examine and shoot one? Well ... hope this answers that once again.

Here we fire up the grill and start Saturday Evening's events ...

We appreciate those who took the time, made the arrangements, and stood the expense of attending. We provided a meal for all Saturday evening. Kelly and I brought along wild Russian Boar sausage from a Boar I'd taken with a Barnes airgun. We also brought sirloin tip roasts of buffalo from my Feb. 05 Buffalo hunt with a Barnes Yukon 58 airgun.

We sliced the roasts into pit beef. Fried up some onions and peppers for the boar sausage and laid it on some nice rolls.

Cooked it all slow .....

It was dark before it was all ready ...


But we all thought it was worth the wait ... ;?)

Man ... that was good!


As we ate ... we sat around a fire pit Bob had laid out. It was very crisp outside by then ....


and we all enjoyed the fire very much while we swapped stories ...


The weather was great for the event. This is not quite all of us ... but most. By Golly ... nothing is getting into that shed!


Lewis and Clark even stopped by the Hunting Camp range. It was a historic moment! ......... ;?)

And the Big Winners were!!!!!!

First Place BRSC winner: Kenneth (also previous 1st and 2nd place Cups winner)

Second Place Tie: "J" and "Jay"

And third ... a previous Cup 1st place winner ... Kent.

Well done gentlemen!!!!! ;?)

Unable to blast away with "Justice" at Bob's place due to neighbors ... we took a short trip to a range Monday morning before packing up. Here's Jay with his new toy.

We sat out a gallon of water in a bleach jug. Drew down on the critter ... and ....

By GOLLY that was satisfying!!!! Yes - that's also alot of backer wood in the air. We timed that pic just about right!!! ;?) A sharp eyed reader also tells me the plume of dirt from the slug is also there. And, that streak at the end of the plume just might be the slug itself ... "leaving the building!" ;?)


Can you say "Hydro-shock"?

Nice shootin' Tex!


This is a start ... I have many more pics to share.... as well as many from the attendees who took pics all weekend. We all had a great time.


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