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Lead Meets Steel

@ 100 yards

215 grain Barnes Raptor meets a steel knock over target at Standing Stone 2002.

Target is free sitting on the ground @ 100 yards.Yes, the impact is deeply indented into the steel plate.

Before the target can get into motion and react, the impact of the lead slug has deeply deformed the steel plate. This is the back of the steel target. Once in motion, the movement is quite dramatic as well.

This is the recovered slug and one "Petal" of the "flower" from expansion. The Long slug has collapsed (stacked) onto itself. The Epi-center with it's "shock pool" remains. The petals have formed and sheared off in all directions. I happened to find one and can thus establish the expansion as the red dots show.

Rifling marks are visible on the edge of the epi-center. A couple of bands of rifling are visible on the petal as well.

Shot from a Barnes Tundra 45 PCP.

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