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Targets Tell All

These targets, and many more, travel with me to the public shows and shoots I attend.

Note: There are two types of targets shown here. If I'm testing projectile design, trigger systems, etc., I'll need to shoot groups, yet the sights may not be perfectly aligned. This accounts for the targets shown with off center groups. Those which are centered, were printed after the sights were fine tuned. Clearly, "accuracy potential" is demonstrated in group size. A good "Score" is the result of adding refined sighting to accuracy potential.

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This is a 5 shot group from a Ranger 22 XL.

It was shot, by me, in the shop here - at 37 ft. A 22 premier will stick in the hole.


This is a 50 Yard three shot cloverleaf. Shot by me, before witnesses, at our Monday night club shoots.

The rifle was a Ranger 22 Magnum shooting 22 premiers at 1,100 fps.

Yes, I know, supersonic usually isn't best, yet; we could hear the sonic crack with each shot.


This 50 yard group was shot, with a prototype .457 Expedition, by Tom Gaylord. It measures 1.21" c/c

Round ball are not the best for consistent accuracy. This wasn't too shabby though - was it?

As you can see from the 800 fps, even 205 ft lbs gives a flat trajectory in 45 caliber.



This 50 yard target was shot, by me, with a 440 Expedition Rendezvous Class

The slug was my own 191.5 grain spool slug - cast in a Barnes Die

That's three holes cutting at fifty yards, with open Barnes sights.



I shot this 75 Yard group at our club's rifle range. The rifle was the prototype .563 Expedition.

This group is 1 11/16" c/c at 75 yards (Just under 1 3/4")

The following week, I won the Michigan shoot with this rifle.

These were 383.3 grain spools. I was shooting approx. 300 ft. lbs. at this time with Barnes Iron Sights.


New Barnes .452 Raptor Slugs - shot from a Barnes Dakota Class Expedition pcp rifle

That's a three shot group about 9/16" c/c at fifty yards

I have the technology to perfectly match the slug to the individual rifle - that's what you need for this kind of accuracy.

That's a three shot .386" c/c 50 yard group with the .452 Raptor Slug

Steve Minner of Florida shot it on 12-23-99 with his new Barnes Dakota

Great shooting Steve! You beat me . . .

Wait a minute . . . that's a "trophy group" with an expensive FT rifle in .177 - right?

Nope! That's three 45 Caliber holes!!!!



These are 100 yard groups Gary shot in February 00

Rifle was Gary's personal Alpine Class 45

That's MOA and 1/2 MOA @ 100 yards

Barnes rifle, Barnes barrel, Barnes slugs


From the 7-06-00 Range Session with the 45 Nitro Express

Sub MOA - Sub 1/2 MOA

All Barnes Equipment: Lock/Stock/Barrel/Bullet Molds/Bullet Sizing Dies


Keep coming back to this page for updates as I range test new combinations of features.

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