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Stock Blanks 2


$475us Sold - Thanks Much ;?)




$450us Sold - Thanks Very Much ;?)

Photo lightened slightly to show grain.



Hard to see in the pic being black walnut - but real nice.


In Mahogany, the inner "lights" change with viewing angle. You can't get them all in one pic. At different viewing angles, the "character" appears to be in different places.

$385us Sold - Thank You Very Much ;?)

Much like the blank used on the Ranger Delta 45 on this site.

$625us Sold - Thanks very much ;?)

$575us Sold - Thank You Much ;?)


For an Appaloosa


The white will either be cut off (not needed) or else the smallest sliver of it will remain and be blended. It runs at a bias angle and will most likely come off when rounding the butt profile. This one is extra wide anyway.



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