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Woodsman Pricing

Stock Configurations:

Woodsman Class

As you browse the pics, various features will "speak to you". Each person sees something different. Small subtle changes make a world of difference in perception.


Walnut thumbhole pistol grip stock, with "Pebbled" grip areas.


Forestock area "Pebbled" for added grip and visual appeal.


"Bench Slot" profile using billet machined guard (not shown in place). Stock has extended Schnabel forestock, walnut toe pc. insert, and is shown in a nice classic grade of Mahogany - natural color.

"Thumbhole" profile using integral guard. Stock features pistol grip. All grip surfaces are "Pebbled". Nice classic grade of Walnut - natural color.


Woodsman: A handmade PCP in versitile field format. Shotgun, slug gun, or rifle (with removable rifled barrel inserts).


Showing off alittle more "flash" ... this unit featured "Hard Color Anodized Billet". Pattern - a sort of "Urban Camo!"



Hand rubbed Stock Oil finish.


Woodsman Class 62 caliber smooth bore - (this order will include an optional 32 caliber rifled barrel insert).


Woodsman featuring hard color anodized aluminum billet work and extended stock.


The first Woodsman shown carried an alternative stock (shown bottom here). Most noticable is the "bench shooting slot" - extremely handy for rear bag bench work. Also - lightens the stock weight, and provides an easy "grab" handle.

Slotted stock is Mahogany. This stock also used a machined billet optional trigger guard. Makes the stock look alot different without it in place.

Here it is in place on the lower stock shown immediately above.

The upper stock is the "thumbhole" stock. Same action fits in either stock. Grip areas of the upper stock are textured with Barnes "Pebbling". Stock also features an integral guard.



The two buttstocks side by side.


Looking at the two grip aread from under. Both carry hard fiber "toe caps" on the bottom of their pistol grips.


different angle ...


The forestocks compared. The lower stock, in Mahogany, has a forestock schnabel extension in figured walnut.


Close detail look at the "Pebbled" pistol grip texturing.

A look at the difference between Mahogany and Walnut tones.

(Side: In only a few months, the bottom Mahogany stock is getting more and more rich in tone.)


It's alot of work to inlet an action into a stock blank. Take a look at the machining here. It must fit snug - but not bind. Every part and movement must be accounted for.

Woodsman Pricing

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