Stories YOU sent in ...


Just a peep from the coast.

Walking past the kitchen a couple of weeks ago I over heard Kelli on the
phone. "How big is it?" ... "What color,.... black....No I don't think its a
bear... sounds like a wild pig" Well that was just too much for me. "Who are
you talking to?" Your mother she replies.

I grabbed my six yr old boy and my Barnes then jumped into the pickup
truck.I could see from about 400 yds the large black figure in the front
yard and thought perhaps my 30-06 might be a better choice.I stopped about
100 yards from the house and left the bare footed (Mississippi and 70F) boy
in the truck. (I didn't want to trip over him when running from the pig)

I circled around the back of the house and positioned my self behind an azalea bush. Just then the sow rounded the rear corner of the house and did
something unusual. It reared up on hind legs and began pushing the A/C unit
on its slab. That was just the final straw, a vandal pig.

When it dismounted I lined up behind the right shoulder and touched off the 40 grain 22 WMR. It gave one squeal and dropped in it's tracks. That wasn't what I expected. I thought for sure a chase was in the plans but the lead role was yet to be determined.

The kids 4,6,8yrs were facinated to participate in the autopsy. Human and
pigs are very similar (yea, in anatomy too).The bullet went thru the 5th rib
and the spinal cord hense the quick knock down .

We all had BBQ pork with grandma the next day and the smoked shoulder was unbelievable.

Oh, the Barnes? As you can see I was prepared with both hat and T shirt
from SS4. Next time I hope to give a report on the Barnes Bishop's lethal
effects on a wandering porker.

By the by, Kelli and I both like the Victory 32.

Keep up the great work, See you in KY

Kent and Kelli

Wish I had a yard like this. Peter is enjoying his Ranger 2002 25 caliber magnum. I LOVE to see them used after all the work involved in building them.

Good Show Peter!!!