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What would happen if ....

you took a Barnes for a test spin?

At the Damascus 2002 show, I set up the Tundra 45 out at the airgun range in the woods during the afternoon. I told anyone who cared to, to come shoot it. Nine fellas did - I rounded up these four later for a pic. Sorry I didn't get everyone.

I had the Tundra 45 set up like this. It's shooting the Barnes Raptor Slug (215 grains) @ approx. 840-something fps. (approx. 340 foot pounds) off of 2,500 psi. Care to slide in there and take a shot?

We'll talk you thru. It's simple. Wanna try a 50 yard target? Just write your name on a target face there, and I'll post it for you on the 50 yard backer.

I'll let you try the trigger once so you know what to expect. I'll just catch the cocking stud against my palm ... go ahead. That's fine. Ready? Load. Comfortable? Good. I'll cock it ... click ... alright, you're armed.

Let's see how they did. This was (Please forgive if I read the spelling on the handwritten signatures incorrectly): Al Otter, Earl Day, Ian Blackwell, Jack Maurer, Jan Kraner, Jay Irvine, John Sheperd, Michael Tinsley, and Ted Shaw.

Please Remember ...this was not their rifle, I doubt most of these fellas had even seen a Tundra 45 before. They are all airgun enthusiasts who took the time to come to the show and take me up on my offer.


Notice a pattern?

Now, I haven't photographed these targets in their "as shot" orientation. These have a sticky backer. I just pulled back a corner and stuck them on showing as a "diamond" shape. In this way, I could pull them back off and fold the paper back over the sticky part to handle them. Didn't photograph them that way 'cause it would make a much larger frame for the net. However; the guys were comparing targets. Several of the guys knew how their target had hung and overlaid them to find they'd shot the same hole or a very tight cloverleaf. That's nine different shooters. And; two of them were left handed, so we reconfigured the bench to the other side for them to shoot. Quite alot of variables to show these results.

Nice shooting guys. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Barnes 45 Tundra. Match grade barrel. Barnes Raptor Slugs.

I have a crusty old fella with a snow white beard who makes up these barrels. He's got about 40 years experience now making things. He also does the bullet designs, machines the molds, and makes the sizing dies. He says you can't overlook the details ... and the results speak for themselves ;?)


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