Well, take the time . . .


How many articles have you read which said the following:


"Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to shoot different ammos . . ."

"Unfortunately, we couldn't shoot the rifle at full power . . ."

"Since we only had the rifle for a few days, we couldn't . . ."


followed by:

"No doubt, had we been able to do so, it would have . . ."


If I read one more of these articles, it will be enough. I mean, you wait months for these articles to come out. Then you are given the idea that the UPS guy was there waiting to overnight the rifle back to the manufacturer. What's the problem?

The problem is "taking the time to do the job right". The other problem is trying to grab more bananas than you can carry. That's why my schedule is disclosed at currently 36-40 months. I plan to do a thorough job on each order I take.

And it does take time - yes sir, it does. But then, that's sort of the whole point, isn't it? How many times have you gotten your car back - been charged hundreds of dollars for labor, and then the guy acted like he was so rushed he just didn't have time to really fix it correctly?

Well, I'm sort of tired of this. And, so are my customers. It does take time to do a job right. That's what my customers are paying for. That's what they are waiting on. So, here on my site, you'll see actual targets of how the rifles shoot. I won't claim that, "If I did this, it would shoot this way . . ." Show me the targets. Take the time to do the field work. This is the difference.


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