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Would you buy a used car from this man?

It's a question your brain answers for you (without you even asking) every day of your life. You form a judgment about anyone you must do business with. However; when you are excited about something, many people would rather be lied to.

What?!! Outrageous! Never. Actually ... I find it's often true.

Can you imagine the advertising which read: "$100 rifle shoots 1,000 fps (during first 9 feet of flight with 4.6 grain non-commercial pellet)". Gosh ... a bit of a let down there. It's just alot more fun to read, "$100 rifle is 1,000 fps Superstar!" And, that's mostly what you read. That way, even if you don't want one, it's Internet water cooler "chat material".

I'm compelled to explain the truth about dozens of subjects related to the manufacture of my airguns. Frequently, folks write with assumptions which just do not match the reality of the issues. I try to explain where the logic left the tracks and make every effort to paint an accurate picture of the issues. Quite often though, I can sense that I've "sat on the birthday cake" in doing so. And the e-mail just fades.......... away.

There are a number of things we've discussed here for years. I'll just mention a few without giving the whole debate (which is printed elsewhere in site pages). But, there's the "shots per fill" issue. There's the "weight of the rifle" issue. There's a page with most of the issues spelled out which relate. It's called "Playing One String". If you've never read it (or it's been awhile), I encourage you to take a cup of coffee and wander over and read it.

The main theme of this page follows: I go to the bother to explain the reality of my experience with airguns. That doesn't always make everyone happy. If I sense you've "left the tracks" on any particular issue, I try to explain where (based again, on my own experience). In this way, I sometimes provide people with the excuse they need to simply move on and go to the next guy (who'll tell them what they wanted to hear). Since I have to deal with the realities of building the product to spec., I won't take on the baggage of meeting unrealistic expectations.

There are two types of these unrealistic expectations: 1). Fantasy Characteristics. These are the "it never needs air", "you can't ever miss", "it's ultra feather light", "50 fpe is enough for anything", etc. 2). Unbalanced Emphasis projects. This is where someone wants me to tell them that I'll spend most of the effort on their particular pet area of interest (and still toss in the rest). The various models offered, are a balance of features for a given cost. The overpowering temptation is to try to get me to agree to take a lesser model, and then "shoe horn" in, one particular higher ticket feature not offered on that model. It becomes extremely difficult to explain why I can't just "plug in" that one little goodie. It becomes the "dual wheels" on your Corvette - ask your local Chevy dealer for a quote on that one ... ha ha ;?)

I subsidize my own work by doing whatever is needed to meet my commitments. What many people find difficult to realize is this: the cost of running the business, the web site, manufacturing the product, and supporting the product in the field, requires this subsidy in the form of my being on duty 18/7. Therefore, I explain what's real and what's fantasy. I display and demonstrate my products in public at whatever venue is suitable. And I don't commit to unrealistic expectations. If you pay attention, you'll find that those who do, never show up to prove them anyway. (But they are more fun 'cause they always agree with you, and accept every story as Gospel ... ;?)

I've said before, people know very soon if they desire my work and can work with me. I make no effort to twist anyone's arm. Mostly folks tell me that they find the "no BS" approach to be refreshing. It does take alittle getting used to, because BS is so much a part of our normal daily routine. However; once you adjust, you'll find that... I can provide the 500+fpe if you have a place to use it. I can provide the MOA@100 yards if you have the discipline to follow instructions. I can provide the deep relief carving and engraving if you care to purchase it. I provide a product you can use all you want and then sell it for a profit. I think those are pretty solid reality items.

As I've mentioned before, I mostly build my work for those who have found a kindred spirit here (or at least one they can respect), and those folks have recognized that (rather than being a vending machine), I've become a friend.

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