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Victory 32SS Pistol

If you just write these off as little air pistols, you are seriously missing an opportunity for a fine PCP. What I've found, thru the years, is that when I make what people describe in their e-mails ... they do not recognize it. Read the specs. Be realistic about what you can do with these products. These little "air pistols" have the power of a 22 rifle!

Then too ... of course ... some people just don't like yellow. haha. Well, we could photograph yours on another color. ;?) Seriously ... look at the carbine stocks. Consider the value you see here.


Shown in a Type "J" laminated stock.

Photos of Type "J" together at bottom of the page 1-7-05


Shown in a Type "L" laminated stock



Powerful 32 caliber PCP Pistol or Carbine. (Carbine Pics below the pistol pics)


Shoots Ball or Slugs. This unit carried a Stainless Steel Shrouded Barnes Chrome Moly Barrel. An open barrel format is standard. Bi-Pod mount would be an option. Scope rail is standard and 11mm format. Shrouded pistols are 24" overall fixed power - about 25" variable power.


Normal Barnes Build Quality. Bolt action single feed. This one had power adjust. Single fixed power is standard.


This one features a Stainless Steel Shroud and Reservoir/Frame - thus the SS designation. Quick fill at front with integral fill valve is standard. Front barrel clamp is optional as it's not needed on the open barrel versions. Open barrel versions would also be about 5" shorter overall (but that effects air storage as I make most reservoirs full length for max. air storage).


This unit featured the color laminated stock as well.

The Billet Machined Aluminum parts are standard.

Ambidextrous stocks are plus $50 pistol - plus $100 carbine. It's alot of extra work. Why bother? Well over half of my customers are left handed - if you ever resell the pc., you'll have built in equity there ... it would be easy to assume your buyer may be left handed. In addition, at the range or home, your buddy may need the feature.


Self Guard and Brass Trigger standard. This one was two stage - single stage standard.

 Pricing Section


The pistol shown fits perfectly into a Paintball gun soft case. So - that gives you the size idea (24-25"). And, remember - you are talking a stout PCP rifle power range here in a very compact package. As shown, this action shoots approx. 63 fpe with standard single O buckshot 50 grain ball and about 71+ fpe with Barnes custom Slugs.

The ball go about 750 fps and give about 8 shots. A really light Barnes custom slug will give about 55 fpe - about 860 fps - and maybe 8 shots, and (with power adjust) about 26 fpe and 24 shots. The heavy Barnes Slugs (71 grain, etc.) will go about 670+ fps and give about 6 shots. Designed to use approx. the 2,500 psi fill range to make your tank fills last longer. (No ... making it fill to 3,500 psi would not give more power or more shots ... it's a very long story - trust me).

This is about the most versatile model I make. With the proper options and slugs, you can take it from garage to field. It does not have to hang on the wall waiting for that perfect


Actions available:

Blue on Blue (reservoir and shroud blued steel)

Brass on Blue (brass shroud)

Stainless on Stainless

Brass on Stainless

25 or 32 calibers

Open barrel standard.

Please note - this is THE SAME action as shown in the pistol stock above. (also - you can clearly see what a mahogany pistol stock would look like from these pics).

The Carbine comes out to 36" overall length. This is the SSC

Stocks shown are ambidextrous (right or left handed equally comfortable). Single Right or left handed is standard for the base price.

This one is the SSK stock. Only difference is the cut out at the bottom of the butt portion.


Stocks are in a fine dense Mahogany with nice grain and color ...

Grips are "Pebbled" for a nice feeling texture and eye contrast.



1-7-05 Type "J"

This is a Barnes custom laminate. It's machined in a special manner to create this effect.

Gunstock Oil finish

Sort of has those "Tweed" colors.

Go ahead ...

graceful self-guard.


So many ask me: how do I do this stuff? Your attention span must seriously be almost without limit, or you cannot run dozens of long term projects at once and retain any ability to function. Maybe it's genetic - I'm certain it cannot be taught ....

.... nobody would have the patience to learn it ...


Anyway ... 10% down on these and divided the remainder by the standard 36 month term. If we can beat that, we will. You figure what you will spend per day on such a project, and I'll guarantee that you can easily spend more on coffee money per day at work. I think it's less than $3/day.

If you have questions ...

Jay's 32SS Carbine

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 I have questions ... direct e-mail Gary