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Victory 25 or 32 Cal.

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A Victory 32 Brass on Stainless in K stock format.

This rifle has been in the field for about 6 months. Back in my shop for service and optional upgrade. The Mahogany stock has richly colored - finish is perfect.


Excellent with round ball single O 32 caliber Buckshot from Hornady. Chrome moly Barnes barrel - solid brass shroud.


Great with Barnes custom slugs too. Here's a group from the default 71.5 grain "Ground Hog" (listed here with a working name of Falcon at that time). These are cast in a Barnes casting mold. This carbine was shooting the slug at approx. 700 fps with a 2,700 psi fill.

Designed for cast and shoot ... no sizing required.

I also have a 115.6 grain "Bushwhacker" slug for yet more punch. That brought this carbine to over 80 fpe. Remember, the same action slips into a pistol stock with no modifications.


Here's an Victory 32 SSC for comparison. Difference is the under side of the buttstock. This one has a stainless steel shroud tube as well.

Both stocks shown in figured Mahogany.

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