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What's Playing?


Hope you enjoy the movies. They are of various lengths and differing formats. The .mov shorter clips will load the fastest. In all cases, you must let the file load before you then trigger it to play. There will be a "controller bar" under each movie screen. On the left side of the bar will be a small triangle or other button to click on and trip the movie to run. As the movie file loads, the controller bar under the screen, will show a changing color stripe. After loading, you pay play the movies back as many times as you wish without waiting for them to load again. If you revisit the page, while the file is still in your browser's memory, it will load again very quickly.

You can expect the clips to take between 3 and 10 minutes each to load. You will first get a "Quicktime" Icon (clock face with a "Q" tail). This will shift to the first frame of the movie when the file has loaded some. Fastest one is Theater Four. Longest one is Theater Six. Standing Stone clip is short but the .mpeg format is extremely memory intensive. Take them at your own pace.

If they won't run for you - see information on "Ballistic Testing Session" clip page

Archive of Past Work ... Still Images

 Video Clip from Standing Stone 2001

.mpeg format - takes longer to load

short clip

 Video Clip - Ballistic Testing Session (Powerful 45 PCP) - longer run quicker load

 Theater One

Video - Filling PCP - quick load - shorter clip

 Theater Two

Video - Loading Muzzleloader (Alpine Class) - shorter clip

Theater Three

Video - Cocking Sequence - Alpine 45 - shorter clip

 Theater Four

Video - Pot Shot - shorter clip

 Theater Five

Video - Firing 45 Caliber Muzzleloader - shorter clip

 Theater Six

Video - Tundra Class 45 firing Raptors -(much longer clip) - 2 minute movie

 Theater Seven

Video - Tundra Magnum 100 Yard Session (longer clip) -

 Theater Eleven

Video - Meet Mike "Doc" Marino - medium length movie

 Theater Eight

Video - 25 Magnum - longer movie

 Some of those "Details" we forget about

 Theater Nine

Video - 32 Prairie II - medium length movie


 Theater Ten

Video - 50 Yd. Playing Card Edge Shot! - short clip



Chameleon - longer length movie