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Range Testing

Woodsman 62 with 32 Insert


Woodsman 62 with 32 Caliber Rifled Insert installed.

At 3,000 psi, it shot the Hornet slug @ 1060 fps. This slug is also sometimes called my "Stinger" slug.

The light 53.3 grain cast slug did well @ 30 yards. It's designed for just such.

The "Rook" Slugs flew approx. 913 fps


You always toss in a disclaimer ya know ;?)

For this trip - here's mine. I've sent out the decent slugs I had - and the new mold too. So I gathered some "picked thru" test slugs (from the trial casting session) to go shooting today.

As you see - I either got three good slugs there - or made three good shots. Anyway - you don't shoot a trophy group every time. Especially with leftovers for slugs. (Right ... I know; something else I should do - stock a few hundred pounds of perfect slugs).

The Bishop slugs flew about 933 fps.


I remembered these incorrectly at the range. This version weighs 91.7 grains.

Bishops have always been a very good Barnes design.

I was overdriving my Spitzer designs today for this barrel set-up. I know, I know - they are supposed to go fast. What we have here is a situation where I've had amazingly accurate slug designs for many years. BUT ... folks think Spitzers are cool and want them. Ballistic co-eff., fast twist, zoom-zoom ... ;?) But - we're not shooting firearms, and ... if I gave you a dedicated Spitzer barrel, you still would not be happy ... because it would not shoot the other 90% of Barnes designs which are dead on accurate. So ... the Spitzer testing goes on.


Running at about 3,200 psi, the Hornet (sometimes called Stingers) ... were moving right along @ 1109 fps.

Made me improvise a interesting experiment just for fun.

You know how there's always that old argument about velocity vs. mass. Which one is more effective?

Well, I set out one of my steel ground hogs at about 40 yards.

I plastered it three times offhand, with the Stingers @ about 1109 fps. Made a fine slap when they hit! That's 145.6 foot pounds by the numbers.

And this little center flake is all that I found from the rebound. They just burst on the steel. But .... the steel hog stayed upright. As you can see - I hit it high on the hog too. ;?)

So; next I fired a Rook - same 40 yards. That 103.3 grain slug flew about 913 for 191.2 fpe. Now - I see that we have 46.2 fpe more. No doubt. It was a quick and dirty test. I should have shot it slower for exactly the same energy. However;

Don't let this happen to you! haha.

That Rook slug slapped down the steel hog with authority! Even with a lower body shot. The Stingers didn't even make the thing quiver with a head shot. I personally think mass rules.

Just a pc. of lead flake center left again. Most of the lead just exploded off the steel. But - it transferred alot more energy while it's mass was collapsing on the target.

Perfect test would need exact energy comparisons, I know. But I didn't want to steal the fun of you trying it for yourself... I have to get back to work. You let me know what you find.


Previous Range Testing: 3-25pm-07

Different Woodsman 62 with 32 Insert

Had a fine day. Really enjoyed it. Sun was out - it was warm. Very nice.

Got to go to the range. Even took the chronograph. I have some numbers and pics for you. Hope you enjoy them.

I took six different slug designs today. That takes alot of time to sort out. Didn't have time to take more than one rifle. So, I took the Woodsman with it's 32 insert, because it's the more powerful of the 32 models I need to test. This will ship this week. I'll get to others shortly.

Alright .. where do you want to start? "Wide Open?" ... haha. ;?)

OK ...

The fastest was the new 53.3 grain "Stinger" @ 1101 feet per second - making 143.5 fpe.

The most power was achieved with the 154.2 grain boat tail spitzer @ 782 fps for 209.4 fpe.

The most accurate was still the 91.72 grain Barnes Bishop @ 933 fps for 177.3 fpe.

The 103.3 grain Barnes Rook continues to be a strong and reliable slug @ 904 fps for 187.5 fpe.

The new 104.6 grain Spitzer, which showed so much promise in the shop, isn't quite dialed in. Accuracy is not correct yet - but it goes 917 fps for 192.9 fpe. Perfect round hole - but drifts. I'll work on it.

The longest new boat tail spitzer is too long for this insert's loading port. That slug is 169 grains and I'll test it in the Nautilus. How about that ... an 18th century looking butt flask PCP shooting boat tail spitzers! ;?)

OK ...

OH ... keep forgetting to tell you ... ALL OF THESE SLUGS are Barnes "Cast and Shoot" slugs which do not require sizing. A development program that's been working behind the scenes the past couple of years. Many of you have gotten copies of them to try - when your guns were shipped.

Also - I shot all of these with a simple 4X scope. I have to get a couple of new scopes. I've sold a few, gotten tired of mounting the big side wheels, and keep grabbing these for testing. I just shot off a bag, cause I'd prepared for using a bi-pod ... and then could not find any but my extra long bi-pod. I've, once again, either sold them or hidden them from myself. The tall bi-pod was all wrong for bench shooting. Bags worked well.


Notes of the stats printed on the target. Nice accurate gun and slug combination for 52 yards and only 4X optics.

Tossed a fourth one in the group, then concentration lapse made me pull the fifth one (edge).

The new Boat Tail Spitzer has good promise. Good power too. I have to tune it - I'm thinking about it.

A fine slug. The rook is a very logical slug. Note the numbers. One two three (the gun is using a pretty good amount of air to do this ya know) ... so 1-3 do just about what you'd think. I haven't had the gun in the field before ... so I don't have the pressure curve plotted perfectly. However; I filled to 3,400 psi. Shot 1-3. Topped off to about 3,200 and shot 4-5. Slugs did exactly as I'd expect.

The Stinger is going to be very "quality control grading" oriented. It's screaming fast and light. If the slugs are perfect - they'll fly. If there's any tiny variable ... you see the results.

This was a preliminary field test for the slugs. And a confirmation test of the Woodsman/Insert package. It's ready to ship now.