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Yukon II


The Yukon 58 GS2. Full stock with finger bow guard.


Loved the feel and control this guard gave during shooting.


Featuring a high strength aluminum bronze receiver and bolt. Steel finished in my rust brown (Burl). Billet aluminum parts hard color anodized.


I've grown fond of the 4X shotgun scope for it's small size, clear field of view, and long eye relief. Here I made a set of color anodized scope rings to suit the project. Scope was also finished in complimentary browned burl.


Stocked in a beautiful figured mahogany


Nicely matched side to side.


Let's shoot ...


My buddy Tom, and his Son George were on hand for the range session. They've been so kind as to let me shoot over on their farm. There were some cut-offs from planks of 2" Oak laying out by the range. George wanted me to shoot one. We set it out at about 38 yards where we'd staked the first target to get the scope on paper. After a few shots to center the scope. I took a shot at the plank cut-off.

BANG!!! It flipped into the air and did three or four backflips. Pretty dramatic. I'd say I hit it! ;?)

We went to look. The plank was pretty busted up. Amazingly, while George and I chatted, Tom noticed a glint in the grass ten feet away and picked up the slug! It had slammed it's way clean thru the 2" oak plank and flipped out onto the grass.

That's a 450 grain Barnes 58 Falcon. I'll have to chrono it in the shop at the size I chose to shoot it yesterday. I was bench sizing the slugs. However; it was shooting about 625 fpe with this particular slug. I'll update when I know for sure. Could be more. Won't be less. (update: depending upon exact fill psi and guages, a couple of quick shop pot shots shows the slug @ this size approx. 778-793fps ... 605-628.5 foot pounds). Heavier Barnes slugs produce more fpe - but I like this new one alot for now. It's fast and accurate.

Having gotten on target at 38 yards, I took note that we were nice and straight but high. I wanted to zero around 75 yards. We decided to move the target out cause I suspected we were already set about right for that distance.

Now, this is not only a real nice group at 82 yards with a 4X scope; it's the ONLY three shots I shot yesterday at 82 yards. That's a pretty good start for a new rifle finished that morning.


Still pretty much in line (minor left) - I decided to pound a few slugs over against the 100 yard backer. We drew a circle on the board and went back to the bench.

While Tom and George watched thru binoculars each, I shot. Tom was amazed to catch a glint of sliver as he stood behind me watching each shot. He'd caught a flash of each slug's base in the air.

We could hear a solid "TWHAP!!!" of each slug hitting. What you see here are the ONLY three slugs I shot @ 100 yards yesterday from this brand new rifle. Brand new slug mold and sizing dies too. It doesn't get "no better" than this for a first range session! ;?)

Here's 100 yards back to the bench and truck.

Fine session with great friends.

Come to Standing Stone 4 and you can take a shot with the Yukon II if you'd care to.

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