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Man at Work 2

Did I mention it's been icy here?

Some of the slug molds and parts

More parts. Six machined reservoir tube end caps with integral quick fill geometry. Another steel billet receiver in the background.

Reservoir tubes. All single point lathe threaded.


Some stainless steel parts. Now, that's some nasty stuff, but it makes some fine parts...

Machining parts from solid carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, and bronze bar. Every one of these shavings comes off a few thousandths of an inch at a time! You just machine away everything that doesn't look like an airgun part!! ;?)

Yet another billet steel set under production ...

And a billet steel Nitro Express Magnum waiting for the hot salt bath tanks. These billet parts start from solid steel blocks. There's a ton of work that's gone into this receiver ...

OK - shop is warmed up - back to it.

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